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Updated 12/13/22
  • Why are we looking for a facility?
    We have been praying for a facility for 27 years, asking the Lord to give us a building where we can be rooted in the community and make an impact on the neighborhood around us. For most of that time, our property search was focused on the Miami Lakes, PSN, and North Hialeah areas. During the COVID-19 pandemic, God moved our Sunday morning meeting location from Miami Lakes Middle School to an SDA church facility in Miami Gardens. As we invested in this community, we have seen new, exciting fruit, especially among international refugees. The more we engaged in Miami Gardens, the more we discovered the desperate need for healthy, gospel-preaching churches in the city. Our facility search took on fresh energy in July 2023 when we learned that the landlord of the Ministry Center plans to evict us when our lease ends in November 2025.
  • Why are we considering the Monument of Faith building?
    The Monument of Faith building (1956 NW 183rd St, Miami Gardens, FL 33056) came to our attention in November along with several other potential properties. The building was several blocks East of our search area, but it stood out to the team for a few significant reasons: The property had all the key attributes we were looking for (sanctuary size, parking, visibility from the road, neighborhood access, housing, daycare) and was only an 8 minute drive from our current meeting location. We received an offer to fully finance the purchase of the building with a 0% interest loan through a trusted private lender. This would radically reduce our monthly mortgage payment and remove risk from the purchase process. The seller reduced the price from $6.8M to $4.1M, raising the possibility that we could sell off a portion of the property to greatly reduce or even eliminate the need to take on debt. We realized that this was the same church building that we had been praying about for a year and a half. We had heard about Monument of Faith through a mutual friend, and begun asking God to revitalize the church. In light of these incredible circumstances, the pastoral team prayed and decided to call a member meeting, followed by a church-wide week of prayer and fasting.
  • Have the pastors made up their mind to buy the Monument of Faith building?
    Following our week of prayer and fasting, the elder team believes Holy Spirit is leading us pursue the purchase of this property. There are still factors, however, that could be deal-breakers for us. We are working diligently to get reliable renovation and maintenance cost to ensure we are able to afford the purchase and upkeep of the property. As we walk through this process, we value the input and intersession of the congregation. If you have any questions, concerns, or insights we would love to hear from you.
  • When will we have a final decision?
    We have until January 18th to make a final decision. Leading up to that date, the Elder team is gathering information and asking the church to join us in prayer and share their honest thoughts and feedback. Right now, we are taking the following steps to fill in missing information: Assembling a team of church members who are experts in building, architecture, finance, real estate, and security to help evaluate the property. Interviewing pastors and leaders who have rehabilitated similar-sized church facilities in South Florida. Bringing contractors to the property to estimate the cost of renovations and identify any code violations or required certifications. Meeting with potential ministry partners to evaluate possible revenue streams from the facility. Meeting with a funding campaign consultant to establish appropriate fundraising expectations. Consulting with a land-use attorney to get a better understanding of the property taxes if used for religious services. Consulting with a commercial real estate firm to assess the value of the attached properties should we decide to sell them. Interviewing pastors who have moved predominantly white or Hispanic churches into majority black communities to understand the challenges involved reaching the surrounding community. Ultimately, our decision will be based on: God’s leading during our 4 days of corporate prayer and fasting Feedback from the congregation A careful financial assessment Alignment with Palm Vista's mission and vision
  • Is the property safe?
    Miami Gardens has a reputation as a violent community but, as in every large city, the crime in Miami Gardens is concentrated in commercial areas where people gather after dark. This property is located in an older residential community where crime rates are lower. To help secure to property, we are also working with a law enforcement expert in the church to identify lighting, landscaping, alarm, security, and camera systems that we can improve to make the property secure and safe for everyone who visits. Ultimately, our confidence is not in our ability to secure our environment, but our confidence that the safest place is in the middle of God's will. Our prayer and expectation is that our presence and influence in the community will bring gospel fruit and peace to the surrounding neighborhood.
  • How much would the property cost?
    We are gathering this information now but here are the key numbers we need to make a decision: *We have contractors visiting the property over the next couple of weeks to determine the cost of repairs and renovations **We have a land use attorney investigating tax breaks for religious use We are also determining how much we are able to afford. This depends on a few factors: *We have $940k in total, but are withholding $270K as cash reserves. **We are working with a consultant to determine appropriate fundraising goals. ***We have a commercial real estate firm appraising the value of the 1.8 acre lot, single family home, and daycare that are included with the purchase. We do not know if we would sell or keep these properties. Based on conservative assumptions, our current budget would be able to incorporate the cost of operating and maintaining the Monument of Faith facility. We based our estimates on the experience of similarly sized churches in our area. If you would like more details, Rafael can provide you with the detailed spreadsheets. The financial burden of the facility is far lower than expected because of the generosity of a donor who has offered 0% interest financing to Palm Vista for this purchase. There are also several potential sources of revenue we are exploring (such as renting out the space during the week) but have not included in our estimates.
  • How can I give feedback?
    On Saturday we sent out a survey asking for your thoughts on the property purchase. If you have concerns or questions that are not addressed in the survey or prefer to discuss in person, please reach out to one of the pastors (David, Al, Corey, Rafael or Kevin). We want to hear from you and would be happy to jump on the phone, or meet over zoom or coffee!
  • How can I stay in the loop?
    A few ways to stay up to date are: Join us for zoom updates when they are announced. Join the "PVCC Facility Updates" WhatsApp group. You can join by visiting the Palm Vista Community Church WhatsApp community to speaking with a Pastor.

Here are answers to some of the questions we have heard so far. If you can't read it all, the bottom line is:

We have until January 18th to make a decision about purchasing the Moument of Faith property, so the elders urgently want to hear from you. Give your feedback by contacting an elder, joining us for a prayer or update meeting, or filling out the survey we will send on Saturday.

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